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Work Ethic!

When I read the Tamil Original by Ashokkumar of 'I am a bad girl,' I instantly decided to ask him if I may adapt in English.

Ashok portrayed a girl's life from the origins and depicted not only her struggle but also those of many characters in the story. The book became my subject of reflection into myself, of the

culture I was born in and helped me grow respect to all life.

Most importantly, the book conveyed to me a compelling story; the decisions and life achievements by the central character -Aish, an uncommon feat by a common girl. It is my ode to women in my life and all women of the world.

Thankfully he trusted me, and I published the first edition by the end of June 2020. Yet, I felt the book has to have a woman editor or author reviewing my work to correct my understandings and add a perspective that I cannot bring, no matter what.

Jennie Ose heard my heart and has done a beautiful and soulful edit to our book. She persisted in understanding the Indian culture and relentlessly revisited the chapters to enhance the work. Thus born the second edition of - 'I am a bad girl - An uncommon feat of a common girl.'

Jennie's work ethic, professionalism, steadfast commitment to the responsibility of lifting my English to a standard, and, above all, Jennie's added perspectives to the story and Aish's world, in particular, will forever stay in my heart and inspire me in my future works.

Thank You, Jennie! and once again, Thank you Ashok!

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