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Embrace the Journey of One Life!

Life is a beautiful tapestry woven from various threads: personal growth, business ventures, love relationships, friendships—they are all interconnected, forming the vibrant fabric of our existence.

Drawing from my diverse life experiences—self-inquiry, meditation, and a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology—I bring a unique perspective to everything I do. My career with Infosys honed my organizational and people skills, enriched further by insights from experts, professional institutions, and the wisdom of everyday individuals.

As a certified trainer with the Heartfulness Institute, I offer transformative meditative practices, free of charge, to help people connect with their inner selves. My academic journey, crowned with a Master's in Applied Psychology, has laid a solid foundation for my work.

Currently, I'm developing a groundbreaking doctoral idea that integrates the ancient science of Yoga with contemporary Western psychology, bridging the best of both worlds.

I firmly believe in the value of formal education and the power of applying its principles alongside real-world experiences and the wisdom of purposeful people. This holistic approach empowers us to advance in our pursuits while sidestepping common pitfalls.

Let's connect and explore if my approach resonates with you. Together, we can embark on a journey of growth and transformation.

Warm regards,


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