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There is one life. 


In my opinion, Personal, Business, Love Relationships, Friendships, etc., are all aspects of this one life. They are not different compartments.

I utilize my life experience: Self-Inquiry, Meditation, Masters Degree in Applied Psychology, Organizational and People skills I learned in my career with Infosys and from experts, professional institutions, common women and men in my approach.


I am a certified trainer with Heartfulness Institute where we offer meditative practices, free of charge, to people. And I've earned a Master's degree in Applied Psychology. 

I am working on a doctorate idea - integrating Yoga - the science of mind and Western work on Psychology. 

I trust there is value in formal education. I think when we apply our worldly experience, the principles and methods learned from formal education and informal sources such as the wisdom of purposeful people, we can better advance in our pursuits avoiding pitfalls.

You are welcome to make our first contact to decide if my approach suits you.

- Kamaraj

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