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What does it mean to be a renunciate?

துறந்தார் பெருமை துணைக்கூறின் வையத்து

இறந்தாரை எண்ணிக்கொண் டற்று.

If we are to describe the greatness of a person who is a renunciate, it is equivalent to counting the number of people who died so far in this world.

திருக்குறள். Thirukkural.

I have been pondering over this verse for a while now.

A renunciate does not mean one who gives up worldly things. In fact one who leads an ethical family life does a great deal to society than the half-saints who state they abandoned every worldly thing.

A renunciate means one who understands the nature of relationships and therefore is mentally and emotionally free from the idea that things, actions/results and people outside give a feeling of completion. Such a person can enjoy the riches, fame et all without being affected by it.

When we attempt to do something to settle a feeling then we aggravate our restlessness. In the state of ambiguous priorities one loses the purpose of life and character. It is my ardent wish that all of us succeed in this journey of life to the next destination, whatever it may be.

When we attempt to do something to express our values and with clarity that nothing can complete us and that we are already complete - that work not only shines but also it does not bind us, enslave us.

Sincerely wishing all of us such a condition! 🙏🏾👍

Create a beautiful day !


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