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Boredom & Love

Someone sent me this following image from the internet, and I thank its maker, although I'm not sure who it is. I began reflecting on what this image represents.

Boredom - to me indicates disconnection of mind with SELF.

We experience it from time to time as we mostly have our mind connected to external things to be happy. Examples: I watch my favorite movie star to feel happy, I eat ice-cream to feel happy.

A person who is 100% connected ONLY to the outside to feel happy is easily bored, and when they do not get what they want, they consistently feel bored and take the downward spiral of emotions and attitudes.

The upward spiral occurs when the mind is connected to the SELF and also doing positive worldly work - actively.

As the mind becomes more and more connected, it begins to realize innate joy and is able to be happy in all circumstances.

As it works towards the welfare of others, love grows. The growth of love springs unexpected courage to do the right thing as the mind identifies less and less with itself and with the body. This, I feel, is true courage.

It comes from the growing realization that I am that self and am not disturbed by emotional distractions or bodily pleasures and pain.

So - I trust it is essential to train our kids about the physics of emotions, what causes emotions, and also train them in character to say No to things that create an illusion that happiness comes from outside.

When do we train our kids? Right from when we think we want children and before conception. But it is better late than never. How we are forms and transforms our kids. That's all.

It is no easy task, but essential.


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