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Desire and Self - Pondering!

Acting on the urge to feel pleasure and the resulting movement to extract pleasure and bring it to this body, fixing this body as the boundary of one's existence is one of the causes of division and conflict.

There is the reality to keep the body alive. How do I separate seeking pleasure and keeping body alive? Or is there no natural division between them and pleasure simply is part of the experience of being alive and so is pain?

The division, I think, is created by the desire which differentiates me experiencing pleasure (identity) and pleasure itself, solidifying an identity that is fastened to my body. Who creates the desire? Who am I? How is desire and urge to feel pleasure related?

inspired by J.Krishnamurti

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Awesome...very happy to read all the posts...Vallalar's mom always quotes that!...would love to be a part of Kamala's beautiful journey inspiring and may their path be filled with light...there are a multitude of Chandras and Kamalas....thank you for striving to lend them a loving hand...the most surprising thing only these people...who are pitted against so many trials and tribulations...have the most ready and happiest of smiles!...learning to be a renunciate being attached but also detached...working on it...keep writing and inspiring.

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