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Who cleans our s***?

New Year day - 2022

We had a block in drainage from the apartment complex that is connected to the city's sewer system. Not minding the rain an elderly gentleman, a sanitary worker was doing his best for hours to help us out of the situation. It is still not fully resolved. The nature of his work, his struggle and also the watchmen of our apartment complex who put up with the emanating smell as their station is near by the leakage occupied my heart, making it both painful and also immensely grateful.

It prompted me to study the situation of such amazing people and it broke my heart to learn that an estimated 3 people die every 5 days in India because they come in direct contact with human waste - feces et all - poisonous gases and working with no protective gear. On top they are so underpaid and also have a stigma attached to them that they are the lowest in society. There are initiatives to mechanize such type of cleaning work and we have a long way to go to eliminate the needless suffering physically and emotionally of such helpers of society.

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