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Remembering Vivek!

April 17th 2021

A beautiful soul left this earth this early morning.

Real heroes hide under many roles that they play. I saw Vivek as a comedian through films for most of my life. In reality, he did many heroic things; the 3.33 million saplings he planted since 2011, through a movement he engineered, ‘Green Kalaam,’ is one example. He attempted to de-program many stupidities of society through his film-comedy and promoted critical thinking.

And now we are left with a question what stand to take about the covid vaccine he took a day before he untimely passed away?

It is easy to blame the vaccine in its entirety for his death. This is done by people who are emotionally against the existence of both covid and the vaccine or of the vaccine.

It is also easy to defend the vaccine as if it must be administered indiscriminately and it did not have any effect on his health. This is done by people who took the vaccine already who want to make sure their decision is right and by the people who want to take it out of fear.

Both these emotional positions push back critical reasoning, which Vivek advocated.

The vaccine works such that it reduces the severity of covid, not completely preventative. It has side effects for certain people who have allergies or other medical conditions. So it is prudent to evaluate and administer. This seems to be a rational observation after hearing from trustworthy medical professionals and people who have received it.

This observation also could change. Any observation or conclusion about anything can change.

But, could we as humanity shed out blame and make reasoning and love the basis of our trust amongst each other and of the things we create?

And could we use the same vehicles - love and reasoning in administering corrective punishments to those who violate trust and commit crimes against humanity?

Bringing such a shift in our psychology will be a fitting and grateful remembrance of a majestic and lovely soul, Vivek, today and for generations to come!


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