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Humanity's Shame!

I happened to hear the audio from a video someone was watching next to me. It was seemingly innocuous, an American man interviewing fellow citizens. The questions were aimed at testing general knowledge of fellow Americans - cities in the world, about them, and even things like units of measurement - say in an hour in a clock.

The answers were wrong most of the time, or maybe the interviewer chose to play the ones that were wrong, who knows! When a person said a wrong answer, the interviewer went on to mislead them.

One of the questions was - Which country is Venice, Italy in? Sadly, the person answering it gave a wrong answer.

For the interviewer and an unquestioning innocent audience, it was fun.

When you deeply question what was happening, your heart would cringe, and your gut would wrench!

Have you experienced in school days when someone mocked you? Or perhaps still somewhere in any avenue of life, someone mock at you?

What does it do to Love? What does it do to innocence?

What does it do to how Americans are perceived by others in the world?

And what is the big deal about knowing some information anyways? Suppose a person develops into a true citizen, of a country, and of the world, with values of honesty, integrity, kindness, courage, and Love. Would not that be better than developing into an arrogant individual who upholds intellect and information more than all other deeper aspects of humanity?

Such videos may even be intended for only fun, but the damages are far-reaching.

I wish the gentleman who made that video

and many such realize what they do to their humanity and what kind of accidental betrayal they do to their brothers and sisters!


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