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Generous Soul!

A simple, unassuming soul whose actions speak volumes of his character, Kamlesh Patel, affectionately called Daaji by many of us, was born on Sep 28,1956.

When a tree grows, almost no one notices, but we do when it yields. The tree's generosity is such that it purifies even a contaminated source for the welfare of all. It does not speak about it. It does not complain. So is a true humanitarian.

In the world of misleading people who call themselves 'leaders' and 'experts,' it is my fortune that I have a contrasting experience with beloved Daaji. This experience reaffirms faith in humanity and the existence of genuine service based guidance and leadership.

Heartfulness Mission that he looks after reflects his qualities and offers essential nourishment, also as a tree does, to sincere people worldwide.

His birthday celebrations are dedicated offerings to those sincere people who know the mission and also those who do not and ended in a live meditation this morning.

With gratitude and many thanks, #kamrajsundram


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