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Several years ago, I was coming off a challenging period emotionally. I talked to an office colleague about how I have a root canal imminent, need to wear higher prescription glasses, etc. After a while, she stopped me and asked why I talked as if I were an old man whose body is failing.

I thought for a while and understood my approach. Our mind tends to experience comfort and pleasure through the body. And especially the intellectually trained person invents many reasons so much so that the person could start thinking if they exercise, their body will fall apart.

I saw that I was doing it then. I snapped off it immediately. There were so many benefits - positive emotions, better meditation and lots of energy.

And since then, I have come across so many people, women and men, girls and boys and children do this kind of self-foolery. Especially if they scare themselves enough, they could stop anything that requires effort.

Ultimately we use the emotion of fear supported by a vivid imagination and stay in the comfort zone.

I believe, whether one is a yogi or a homemaker, an employee or an employer or whoever, as long as one's body is not so impaired badly, one must exercise or do some physical effort that substitutes a good exercise.

Let's live strong and well!


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