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The unfortunate news of the murders of 3 mothers and their 6 children in late 2019 reminded me to check in on a good old friend Preston Tucker and a few others I knew.

When I reached out to Preston, I did not know anything of the recent progress he made in his life and personal growth. We both met in a seminar/program years ago. We left following their course/them at different points in time, him earlier.

Nevertheless, we continued our friendship as we share common values - mainly - humanity and human excellence.

When I learned what he built with his sheer hard work, common sense and love for family, I was so inspired. I still am. Amongst many of my well-wishing dear friends who support my projects, Preston is one and the first few.

Preston has been inviting me to visit his home in Mexico, which I postponed for one reason or the other.

Finally, I made it this year. And my visit is building in me deeply a couple of known truths

1. True Faith wins fear over 2. Perfect Love casteth fear

And these two are made possible by observing the way of life of Preston and his friends/family.

They all have come from the USA a few generations ago. They established their living by paying for the land they are given. They work hard, doing any job - hard physical labor in the US, take contracts and include local native Mexicans also in their initiatives. They also make the land - theirs and others around, fertile and create opportunities for them and others around. They fight hard against the violent acts towards them peacefully and through protests.

Their youth are hands-on since they are very little, say from age 6 or 7 almost - working hard on the lands, taking care of their siblings and building a strong work ethic. Preston included me in a summer camp with their youth offering me more insight into their values and way of life.

As a "thank you note" to Preston and his family/friends of nearly 5000 people living here, we are arranging a show of the recently completed pilot film "Enga Ooru Kaattilae - In the jungle of our village," with 70% of the contributions going to support the youth of his community of family and friends. (Aug 9th, 2021 @6 pm local time)

And I have been working on different projects in the past 3 years, rebuilding my life in a new direction that I always dreamt of but only dared to do since 2018.

1. Producer and actor of films that uplift humanity, human excellence and dignity supported by immersive storytelling and technical excellence. 2. Author, producing written work to the same ends as above 3. Organizational development advisor and mentor - also working to the same ends - humanity and human excellence. 4. A grateful speaker who respects the tradition and work of our ancestors

The latest is the 4th, debuting on Aug 9th as well . I committed 70% of the proceeds as a thank you note, in recognition of what Preston and his community are creating for me - a beautiful humane experience.

And it is the same deal with "Wonderchild within us" - one of my most heartfelt works so far, which I created with the help of another such dear friend - Steven Ose. He edited my crude English, bringing in the essential refinements.

Dear Preston/Friends and Family, Thank you, Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram


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