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After Robin Williams died...

I knew a few words in English,

I am from a place where I knew not what it means mom and dad live in different homes,

Friend, you opened a new world!

A world of unknown tenderly opened with laughter!

I learned,

You, white people, are like we brown,

I knew you as Mrs. Doubt fire,

And eventually learned you have a name,

A life of your own,

What talk!

What skill!

What speed!

I thought you have got it all figured out, man!

A man of no worries,

A man of everlasting happiness,

How convenient I thought that way,

Now, where will I find you?

You are a speck of sand in the vast desert of life,

Once a giant, easy to hold in my hands,

I turned you that speck and lost you,

This day,

Let my brain take a back seat for one moment letting my heart feel you,

Enough missing you for what you showed, friend,

Let me look for you in your skin I see every day,

your akin, mine too!

Let me not ignore your Christ's words - "you shall pass this way but once,"

And use the golden moments of life, not spend them in trivials,

Let my conduct with them say silently, "Live in peace" and no longer wait to tell "Rest in Peace."


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