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Thankful Sunday!

When you see a self-driven act of courage by a lone person who reminds you of your most loved one, in tenderness, and of any historical figure, such as Joan of Arc or Jhansi Rani or Martin Luther King Jr in boldness,

What do you do?

I faced one such moment this morning. The depth of the moment carried me to grateful memories in my life, where I am benefited by risk-takers. They are some of my friends and family. Their risks are not mainly on economic wellbeing, but that too. Their sacrifices are out of love and care to save my life and my dreams. They don't mind getting their hands dirty from the type of work most of us are unwilling to do. They don't resort to using beautiful and decent, but ultimately mere pompous words and philosophies. They are raw, they are soulful, and they mean what they say and do.

To all those front-liners, this Sunday and all Sundays will be my days of thankfulness. The depth of your acts will carry me beyond the Sunday to all my days, I am sure.


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