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Lie and Patience

Yesterday I received a forwarded video. It was a moving video of the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, visiting his maths teacher after 26 years. The only problem with that is - it is not Mr. Pichai; it is the founder of IC3, Mr. Ganesh Kohli.

Perhaps, a prankster or a person who wanted attention to their channel made up this story.

We lose the ability to discern what is lie and what is true if we simply forward anything we get.

When I was watching the video that was sent, my wife asked whether Sundar Pichai studied in Karnataka? I was having a few questions of my own. 'I have always seen Mr. Pichai with a head full of hair? What happened here? It does not look like he had a hair cut to make him look semi bald! Something does not feel right! Also, I heard IC3 when the video began - what is IC3? Etc., Her question confirmed my doubts, and when I started digging, I found the truth.

It is prudent to evaluate what we share and also verify the facts. It is for our own good.

And at the same time, when we share authentic information or use a photo or video for which someone else is a source, creator, it is essential to give credits. In the desire to share, let us not forget the creator.

Shall we, friends?


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