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The wonderchild within us


I feel great joy in introducing this book, "The Wonderchild within us" by Sri. Kamaraj, whom I fondly address as KKS.

In our life journey from childhood onwards, we interact with various people from different age groups. During these interactions at every stage of our day to day existence, life on this planet inspires us to bring changes within us, our outlook, and influence our surroundings. 

We face problems in our everyday lives, some within our control, and some caused by extraneous factors beyond our control. The magnitude of any problem is immaterial since it depends upon each individual, how they view the problem, its actual impact, and the self-induced impact by their approach at that moment. 

KKS brings a very humane approach to face situations in our lives. In this book, the author communicates to the reader through various events in families situated across the globe. These families, despite the distance, are still connected through deep friendships with each other. The stories detail events that happen in the lives of this intriguing group of friends and families. 

Personally, I learned new ways from how the characters apply their thinking, feeling, and understanding to the events and shape their worldview proactively while contributing positively to people around them. The characters include children capable of thinking on their own, parents, and also grandparents. 

The interactions among the family members and friends are on varied subjects, essential and relevant to life and living. Some of the topics covered are love, kindness, character, self-awareness, eating habits, environmental concerns, behavioral tendencies, physical fitness, freedom, responsibility, etc. 

The book is also an exciting fiction; it is not pure non-fiction that belongs to the self-help genre. It is a collection of short stories where the key topics are addressed through the characters' experiences and sharing. Each chapter ends with a question for us to ponder about the topic in relation to our own experiences. 

I trust the work by KKS appeals to all parents, parents-to-be, and teenagers. The stories are exciting, and they bring a warm and soulful touch with events that I, as a reader, can personally relate to, based on my life experiences. 

I appreciate the tremendous effort by KKS in creating, building characters from all walks of life across the globe, and bringing out 'the wonderchild within us.'                   



Ramiah Seshan,

Retd. General Manager (R&D), 

TVS Motor Company Limited. 

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