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Author's Note:

I believe life is a barren land without the essential sense of wonder and affection. Since my childhood, loving women have helped me develop these qualities.

I’ve observed that people who do intangible work are not considered enough in decisions that govern our lives. Our women perform an unparalleled deed of creating our lives. And they add to the beauty and poetry of human life. Isn’t it? 

Despite the inequity that exists even today in our technologically advanced civilization, women excel in businesses through their innovation, excellence, and inclusive leadership.

I have witnessed girls and women in my circle of friends and family struggle a lot more than I ever did. But I’ve always found most of them bring care and love to their interactions, no matter their difficulties.

My thoughts and imagination about such conditions led to my reflection of female children born in economically poorer sections in India. They usually do not have the guidance and care that financially and culturally developed parents offer to their children.

What events would need to take place in a poor girl’s life for her to discover her unchecked expression? What would be the consequences in her life and in those around her? Are there only tragedies and unhealing wounds in such a story? Or are there also undiscovered and uncommon feats? 

And suppose I were to write about such a life,

What would readers from different parts of the world gain as they learn about the girl’s culture and society?

Would it help the readers connect with experiences, restrictions, and triumphs they or their ancestors might have experienced?

Would it be moving and enjoyable to read such a tale?

Would there be new and fascinating information the readers may come across?


When I was working on a film project with Ashokkumar, I found we shared these questions. Ashokkumar works as a Creative-Head in the cinema industry. 

Ashokkumar has listened to real stories that inspired him to author a beautiful novel – ‘am a bad girl,’ that explores the above questions. He gladly consented when I asked him if I may adapt his original work in English. Ashokkumar placed enormous trust in me. He offered me limitless freedom to modify his work, and I hope I have done enough justice through my efforts. I kept the original story as is from the beginning to the end and worked on certain aspects of the story, structure, dialogues and characters, including their names. So, technically this book stands between a ‘translation,’ and an ‘adaptation.’  

With a sincere commitment to earning our name with you, the reader, I bring the world of Aishwarya to you. 

Aishwarya’s story is an uncommon feat of a common girl.




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