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Who am I?

With an unknown company, it does not see,

On life road, with one aim, the mind walks.

The mind from its birth is a tumultuous sea,

shaken by its own storms in this lone task.

Blindfolded in mystery, amazed in wonder,

the mind attempts to find its maker.

Often it loses and finds itself and ponder,

with the light of its will fading to a flicker.

Unchartered journeys in deep blue waters,

easy are they, the eyes finally find a way!

The shackled mind's claim that it is "I" shatters,

ultimately to find you at the heart's bay!

Are you a treasure meant to be found?

My love, cage it may be, stay in my heart, left bound!


In Tamil, there is a word for God, "Kadavul". "Kada" means to pass. "Ul" means the mind. When you go past the mind God or Self or Soul or Spirit is.... the word Kadavul instructs this idea beautifully. Who is to verify other than us from our own experience? Inspired by this beautiful word and by Ramana Maharishi's "Who am I?" inquiry, I wrote this poem.


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